2-steps-energy is an example for an Omni-channel Self-Service application of an utilities company.

Customers can submit the meter readings of their electricity and gas meter on a very easy and convenient way. There is again a free choice about which channel they want to use for that. In contrast to the other demo applications, this service synchronizes the channels based on the customer Id. This means the dialogue can be continued at the same point after a disconnect or interruption across all channels.

Use case: A customer has already transmitted the electricity meter count via the phone channel but the connection breaks down during the transmission of the gas meter. No problem, the customer can call again and continue that session at the same point after the initial authentication. Beyond that, the application automatically sends a text message when an incomplete phone session is cancelled. This text message contains two links one for the web and one for chat channel. When clicking to one of those links the customer will automatically authenticated on the chosen channel and can continue the gas meter transmission. Not forget to mention, this self-service does not require any agent contact and is available 24/7.

We developed and deployed this application on the Voxeo Customer Experience Platform (Voxeo CXP) with a 2-steps-ahead extension to provide contact persistence. According to the principle: Design Once - Deploy Anywhere, in contrast to the conventional IVR development, the dialog design once created for all channels (in this example Phone, Mobile Web, and Chat) will be deployed within one project for all channels. The phone channel uses a Voxeo Premium TTS.

Below you will have the chance to play around with that application and simulate the use case described above, using different channels to submit the meter readings. Please note the announcements in this demo application are only available in english language and the phone channel is using a voxeo premium TTS.

  • Your 2-steps-energy customer Id: 12345
  • Your PIN: 1234

Try it!

Of course you can also use your smartphone to get this omni-channel experience on a real device, which is always the best choice. Please use one of the numbers listed below. Important: It is necessary to transmit your number to enable the full set of options (i.e to receive the text message). We will not use your phone number for advertisements or other purposes beyond this demonstration. The numbers listed below will be charged on a local rate as long you use a number of your country. No extra costs will be charged.

United States: +1 (321) 239-1533

United Kingdom: +44 203 695 11 64

Finland: +35 894 2451 087

Sweden: +46 852 503 228

Italy: 39 069 480 60 13

Spain: +34 911 980 090

Greece: +30 211 1768 459

Belgium: +32 280 874 33

Luxembourg: +35 227 860 205

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 568

Slovakia: +421 233 056 903

or via Skype: +990009369991452270 (Phone channel only)

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