2-steps Car Rental

You will be able to simulate renting a car using standard conversation language with the Aspect Natural Language Interface. This demo application is built on Aspect CXP and uses the Aspect NLU engine to understand the sematic meaning of the text messages. It shows how systems can now engage with human language flexibility.

However, the options for this demo are deliberately kept focused on the process of completing a car rental without going to a website or waiting for a live agent.
Just text when and where you need a car. You can identify the total order in one message, or break it up in multiple segments. If you break up parts of the order, you will be asked additional questions to complete the missing parts regardless the order you use.

Required Information are:

  • Size of car (z.B. Van, compact car, etc)
  • When needed, Date and Time
  • Pickup location
  • Return date and Time
  • Dropoff Location

The options for this demo are as follows:

When Needed
You can say: I need a car today, tomorrow, name of day (i.e. sunday), or a specific date; and you can add the time like: morning, afternoon, evening or a specific time like: 8 am or 6:30 pm

Use a day or date as above.

For location pickup and dropoff
Use airport code eg:

  • DFW
  • JFK
  • MCO
  • FRA
  • DUS
  • ZRH

Size of car
Identify the size of car

  • Subcompact
  • Compact
  • Intermediate
  • Standard size
  • Full size
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • Intermediate SUV
  • Standard SUV
  • Full size SUV
  • Premium SUV
  • Passenger van
  • Convertible

Sample tweet

Need a convertible in FRA on Sunday morning. Return next Saturday afternoon in ZUR

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