Self-Service Contact Center Solutions

In traditional contact centers the entire interaction between customer and center goes via personal contact with the agent.

Self-service centers, on the other hand, shift a high percentage of this work to automatic dialog systems such as IVR – interactive voice response. This changeover results in enormous cost savings and also speeds up response to customer queries. In this context there is often the term "Zero Distance".

Zero Distance " shortens the distance between customers and companies. It will be an integration and digitization of the front-end and back-end systems to provide "Automated Self-Services". The informed and connected customer wants relatively promptly and quickly communicate with the company. "Zero Distance" ultimately shortens dialogues and the communication with the customers.

Nowadays a customer is a mobile client, which is well informed with a corresponding expectation. In this expectation, it is essentially a question: "I always want everything immediately and everywhere." That is the principle. Companies need to adapt to this behavior accordingly and provide for services that can adequately communicate with the client. And those companies who do not will get into hard times.

Self-service systems are the answers to provide "Zero Distance", they prompt customers to answer a few questions by giving a verbal answer, by pressing the relevant keys on the pad or by clicking the relevant hyperlink in a web application. Instant messaging is also an option. Each answer brings the customer closer to the information they are looking for. Such systems are being increasingly installed and are experiencing an ever higher degree of acceptance among customers.

The benefits for the customers are obvious. These systems are specifically designed to process customer queries twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and even at peak times there is no shortfall resulting in a customer having to wait for a reply.

Typical application areas are the provision of simple information such as

  •  - account balances,
  •  - addresses,
  •  - opening hours or
  •  - procedure instructions.

But such systems are already capable of processing more complex transactions that go beyond mere information retrieval.

Examples of this are:

2-steps-ahead draws on years of experience in building and remodeling multichannel contact centers in various industries. As a specialist in this area, we also offer a range of pre-finished industry solutions that can be adapted without much effort on your needs.

Visit our Demo Portal to find examples of multi- and omni-channel self-services which also offer a transfer to an agent staying the same channel.

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