Omni-Channel Contact Center in the cloud

For any business looking for world-class, dependable customer service solutions the appeal of a cloud- based contact center platform is obvious. The Aspect Cloud offers reliability without the need to implement or maintain complex infrastructure, extending limited IT resources and smaller budgets. The Aspect® ZipwireTM cloud-based contact center allows businesses to leverage the flexibility, cost savings and comprehensive security of cloud architecture for peace of mind, while offering customers a seamless, first-class omni-channel experience through interactions using automated service, live-assistance or transitioning between both as needed. 

2-steps-ahead relies on the cloud with Aspect contact center solutions that have been developed so that you can take advantage of the simplicity and operational benefits of the cloud. With the deployment options offered by the Aspect cloud, your company can use modern solutions without pay for high capital or IT investments. You can implement comprehensive cloud-based technologies for interaction management and voice-based inbound, outbound and blended Interactions. Thanks complete redundancy and no single point of failure safety is granted.

2-steps-ahead provides you with a customized contact center solution in the cloud. Our principle software and service all from one source - to keep you focussed on your business.

We’ve made it easy to deploy and manage a pure cloud contact center with premium features, at a competitive price. Aspect Zipwire gives you the reliability and simplicity you expect from the cloud with the robust omni- channel communications capabilities your business needs to deliver a superior customer experience. It’s just that simple. 

Key Differentiators for our zipwire solution

  • Cloud Reliability 

    Because it’s built on the Aspect Cloud, their geographically dispersed data centers ensure your contact center is always up and running under the market-leading 100% uptime guarantee.

  • Always up to date 

    Your Software is always up to date no upgrades required - no downtime. Maintainance and upgrades are inluced to the monthly rate.

  • Out-of-Box CRM Integrations 

    Zipwire includes configurable integrations to both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • All-in-One Pricing 

    The Zipwire bundle includes everything you need including IVR, chat, a predictive dialer, post-call surveys, ACD with skills-based routing, reporting and recording capabilities.

  • Scalability

    With simple contracts and the flexibility of the cloud, it’s easy to scale your Aspect Zipwire contact center as business needs dictate.

  • Connectivity Options

    Aspect Zipwire supports multiple connectivity options including Aspect MPLS as a Service, MPLS, Public Internet and VPN

  • Self-Service IVR integration

    Zipwire fully integrates first class omni-channel self-services

"If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got"
(Henry Ford)

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