Integrated Internet Solutions

Beside call centers, webseits are generally known as one ot the most important customer Touchpoints, but many websites are often impersonal advertising spaces merely for the purpose of corporate presentation.

But the fact remains that the Internet is one of the most important communication and marketing channels for successful companies. The number of online purchases continues to increase steadily.

But is it still enough to just leave customers to themselves to deal with their requests?

If we put any thought to this matter we will quickly come to the conclusion that customers often cannot cope with the quantity of information and options, and they merely disappear from the website after yet another click.

Product and services diversity increases steadily with the result that customer-relevant information can no longer be produced in a simple and clear manner – just think of the numerous number of tariffs offered by different mobile phone service providers.

It will be helpful here to deploy support systems that are capable of giving customers practical assistance. Our solutions go beyond this – they make it possible to enter into dialog with a competent adviser straight from the website, either via instant messaging or a direct call from the website to an adviser in the contact center.

This enables customers to have their questions answered while they are still using the website, without having to change to another method of communication.

And for your company it means that completely new performance potentials unfold. The Internet and contact centers continue to grow together. Synergies develop, whereby customer satisfaction, and consequently also the degree of market penetration of your company, will expand significantly, and at the same time you always have direct feedback on the design of your website. Such feedback serves as a basis on which to regularly optimize the structure and services offered on the Internet. 

2-steps-ahead offers consultancy services for the concept and development of new interactive websites. In addition to designing and installing a completely new website we can also upgrade and develop your existing website to a solution integrated into your contact center. Engage customers with dynamic offers and real-time web assistance using video, text chat, click to call, and cobrowse. Conference in experts, transfer sessions, and whisper to enhance collaboration.

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