Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Solutions

Communication between contact center and customer is generally via various digital channels nowadays. In the final analysis, what is decisive for the definition of a contact center is who establishes contact with whom.

If contact comes from “outside“ we refer to an ”inbound contact center“. If, on the other hand, contact is initiated from within the contact center, then we refer to an “outbound contact center“.

In-depth customer contacts mainly relate to:

  •   - one-to-one consultancy services (e.g. telephone tariffs),
  •   - product purchases (e.g. concert tickets),
  •   - queries regarding the last bill,
  •   - technical help in connection with equipment,
  •   - or numerous other matters that may give rise to customers wishing to contact a staff member
        of the company.

An increasing number of companies with inbound contact centers are also interested in proactive customer services in order to also use their contact centers for cross-selling and upselling purposes.

With this in mind 2-steps-ahead consulting specializes in the application of modern IVR systems in order to pre-classify customer queries before contact with the agency is made via DTMF or speech input. This pre-classification ensures that the customer is connected with the agent who is best qualified to help him. This results in more questions being processed with one single call, and customer satisfaction increasing noticeably. Not to mention the fact that consequently you increase agent availability and, at the same time, reduce the total volume of calls in your contact center.

In the case of outbound contact centers it is the company employees themselves who call the customers, for example to:

  •   - inform the customer that an ordered product has arrived,
  •   - remind them that an invoice is still outstanding,
  •   - perform a customer survey about the last auto repair visit,
  •   - confirmation of a transaction, i.e. confirmation of an online banking transaction
  •   - or merely because the customer has asked to be called back.

Outbound contact centers are mainly geared to telephone contacts, on the one hand because that is the traditional form of establishing contact and, on the other hand, because it still remains the normal procedure.

Most companies nowadays call their customers, only a minority send personal emails. Usually only promotional mails are sent by email as mass advertising, and many customers ban unexpected mails straight to the recycle bin as spam, while an unexpected phone call is more likely to arouse interest.

2-steps-ahead consulting offers various solutions in order to conduct outbound calls automatically with speech dialog systems. This means that in most cases these phone calls take place without agency contact, but it can be established anytime if the customer wishes. Besides the telephone channel also other media such as mobile web or chat are possible. In these cases the customer will be informed by a text message about this possibility, The customer then determines itself when and on which channel he/she wants to communicate.

2-steps-ahead consulting helps you set up your call center for future needs and to open up new communication paths. In close cooperation with you we draw up a concept of the vital steps to be taken towards setting up a modern contact center in place of a traditional call center.

A typical approach in this process is to migrate your existing system to a modern multi-channel system, such as, for example Voxeo CXP, so that additional channels such as web or instant messaging can be offered in the next stage.

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