•   - Drawing up a detailed concept on the basis of the feasibility study.
  •   - Integration concept for content management systems.
  •   - Integration concept for your CRM system or your customer database.
  •   - Integration concept for the connection of the existing call center infrastructure.
  •   - New concept or development of a content management system - CMS.
  •   - Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the targets achieved.
  •   - Drawing up project schedules.
  •   - Resource management.


  •   - Development of a design concept.
  •   - Dialog and user interface design for voice, text and web dialogs.
  •   - Persona design for voice dialog systems.
  •   - Audio Branding.
  •   - Graphic design for layouts.
  •   - Cross-Channel-Definition of the dialog control (voice, web and text).

The completion of this phase is a detailed concept of the entire project. 2-steps-ahead consulting guarantees that within their project management all project phases will meet the targets specified in this solution design document.

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