2-steps-mobile is a simple example for a multi-channel self-service application of an imaginary mobile carrier.

Customers have automated 24/7 access to all important topics like contract details (i.e. the contract end date), current balance of available and used free units or the current state of barrings. Beside just requesting information they will also be able to perform various transactions for themselves, such as a contract renewal or a tariff change or switching their barrings on / off without talking to an agent. If required it will also be possible to be transferred to an agent when using the Phone or Chat channel. Please keep in mind this demo only simulates that transfer but it outlines the usecase.

This self-service application is developed and deployed on the Voxeo Customer Experience Platform (Voxeo CXP). According to the principle Design Once - Deploy Anywhere, in contrast to the conventional IVR development, the dialog design once created for all target channels (in this example, Phone, Mobile Web, and chat) will be deployed within one project for all channels.

Below you will now have the chance to play around with that application to see how the same content is presented on different devices (channels). Please note the this demo application is only available in english language using the voxeo premium TTS.

Try it!

You can of course also use your smartphone to see how it works on a real device. Important: please transmit your ANI to enable the full set of options. The numbers listed below will be charged on a local rate as long you use a number of your country. No extra costs will be charged.

United States: +1 (321) 558-2025

United Kingdom: +44 203 695 11 05

Finland: +35 894 245 14 94

Sweden: +46 844 683 583

Italy: +39 069 480 60 01

Spain: +34 911 980 629

Greece: +30 211 198 4500

Belgium: +32 258 856 68

Luxemburg: +35 227 860 151

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 464

Slovakia: +421 233 056 862

or via Skype: +990009369991486294 (Phone channel only)

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